Prequel Novelette Published on Amazon

Prequel Novelette
Two Valleys Saga Series Prequel Novelette

Hello fans,

I’ve decided to publish my prequel novelette on Amazon.  I had been giving it away as a prize, but some people had trouble downloading or using the ebook apps or pdf readers, so I decided to bite the bullet and publish it.  I think you’ll find it provides more insight into Jesus’s “Chuy’s” inadequacy feelings and introduces his biological family, which you will hear more about in “The San Augustin – The Two Valleys Saga: Book Two.”

By the way, Book Two, which I finally decided on a title for is coming along nicely. I have added to the ‘left-over’ progression of the original manuscript for

Next in the series coming out Thanksgiving!

“The Mesilla” (it was originally 700 pages) and am beginning to format into chapters and editing for content, consistency, timeline, and of course for historic accuracy (again). This second in the series features less about the Fountain family and more about Jesus and his growth. Miles Wilson, the fictional telegrapher emerges as an important mentor for Jesus on personal matters.  As Jesus grows, so does the prospect for the outbreak of an all-out range war in the Tularosa. Zio moves closer to declaring for a run for the Territorial Legislature and threats on his life make things a bit dicey around the Fountain adobe.  One particularly interesting fact that I built a couple of chapters around was the inaugural Southern New Mexico Fair along with a fictional depiction of the emergence of Fabian Garcia, who was to become known as the “Father of the New Mexican Food Industry.” Fabian’s history and is accurately depicted, but we don’t know if he had any involvement in the fair.

New additions to the Fountain family (and some subtractions as well) lead to Jesus going back to visit his family in Mexico where he discovers his father has deep worries over the future of the family farm.  His trip includes an encounter with a rag-tag platoon of soldiers that gives insight for Jesus’s haunting dreams.

I like “The San Augustin” even better than “The Mesilla” and  I think you will too, but watch out for that cliff-hanger ending!


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